Here we come: The premilitary program. 2021

Following numerous unexpected delays and hardships, with a lot of good will, challenges and determination on both Kesher Yehudi and the Mechinot side, we found the formula: a group of Hareidy men/ women gathers in one place, equipped with a web camera and a big monitor. Another learning pod of students in a different place with similar technology. The coordinator put together a humorous (yes, even from far!) unifying activity to break the ice, and then the groups divided into personal Chavruta partners and formed a personal warm connection through the cold technology devices. So hugs we didn’t have there, but a great excitement and electric in the air – oh yeah we did have!
Loads of luck to our 10 Mechinot and communities that has started their new – original way!

We unite with the blowing of the Shofar.

The picture that Or and Chaim from the holidays of the month of Tishrei.
It’s the call of freedom. They found what connects them. It’s the deep roots to our nation.
Or is a young fellow that went to serve in the army, and Chaim is a yeshiva graduate that prints Torah script already 30 years. He is very religious on his way of life.
Or is not a religious guy,
but the Shofar belongs to both.
They both met when they tried to train the blowing of the precious Shofar for the high holy days.
They are both Jewish!

The French Hill on the Unity map.

A new session came about to The French Hill and already in the first year the connection with the Religious community and
Secular are amazing.
The yeshiva hat and curls on different heads but the big smile of togetherness.

Young Yerushalmi meetings. We gather although Covid 19

Young Yerushalmi meetings.
We gather although Covid 19.
We speak although we are limited.

Meetings in Bayit vagan and Kiryat Yovel neighborhoods.
From the bottom of our hearts and according to the laws of The Health Department.
Sponsor of Keren L’yerushalyim. Hamerchav Lchayim Meshutafim