Kesher Yehudi is about connection.
It is about opening mind and heart
and embracing the different hues
that comprise our nation.
It is about agreeing to disagree,
but listening – really listening – to each other.
Mostly, it is about celebrating the values
that belong to all of us,
the legacy we all share.

Years of groundbreaking work
20000 +
Study Partners
Premilitary Academies adopted by Ultra-Orthodox communities
Meeting events annually
Premilitary academies and Haredi communities in the academy program
Communal Batei Midrash
Dikla Klein, 34,Carmiel & Yuval May, 20, Tzur Hadassah
Dikla: "As an alumni to the Chavruta program that has brought me to where I'm today, I'm the happiest in the world to spread that light and warmth further, as a volunteer myself today in the organization".
Pnini Bernstein, married, Beitar Illit & Elinor Bitton, married, Binyamina
Pnini: "Hashem granted me with a close friend and an amazing sister" Elinor: "I do have other sisters, yet I got another, seventh special sister"
Ayelet Avni, 36, Modiin Ilit & Natali Viar, 31, Tel Aviv
"She's a genuine heavenly gift special for me".
Itai Kraden, lawyer, Ramat Gan & Avner Sleiter, lawyer, Jerusalem
"Torah does not belong to a certain section over the other. We all yearn to study Torah and there is no reason on earth we shouldn't do it together"
Moshe Shachor, 31, Avreich, Jerusalem & Eddie Robbertson, 19, Yeshiva student, Haifa
"I wouldn't have believed that I'd be able to establish such a close and real friendship with an "Avreich", ultra horodox, from such a different background. Within a few short conversations we've had, the barriers vanished and we communicate as if it's always been like this"
Allan & Ruthie
People might often assume that it's a different story, speaking with an ultrahorthodox fellow that's not a typical "Charedi". The truth is… those who might seem like the not typical ones are exactly the same as the "typical ones" they are all with a huge heart, and it's a shame the nation is split and divided…

Mrs. Tehilah Gabai
Executive Assistant

Mrs. Tehilah Abargel
Office Manager

Mrs. Yaffa Barzilai
Volunteer Coordinator

Mrs. Chagit Shachor
Premilitary Academy
Project Manager

Mrs. Chana Mualem
Chavruta  Coordinator
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Mrs. Ahuvi Awerbach
Chavruta Coordinator

Rav Chaim Aloni
Men department

Mrs. Margalit Peretz
Project Manager